One of the best changes that came out of the NFL’s 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement was the pre-set salary thresholds for all newcomers, designed to virtually eliminate newcomer interest. It succeeded.

Before the start of the 2022 NFL Draft, the pay threshold numbers were already in place for every draft, starting with Trawon Walker’s No. 1 option to Brock Purdy’s 262. The salary threshold for Eagles’ newcomers for the next four years is set using Resources from

We will also use this page as a sign-up for newcomers, checking on each player who signed up as it happens.

Player: 2022 2023 2024 2025
Jordan Dis ✔ $ 3,515,766: $ 4,394,708: $ 5,273,650: $ 6,152,592:
Cam Jurgens $ 1,352,592: $ 1,690,740: $ 2,028,888: $ 2,367,036:
Nakobe Din $ 989,067: $ 1,236,334: $ 1,483,601: $ 1,730,868:
Cairo Johnson ✔: $ 766,784: $ 931,784: $ 1,046,784: $ 1,161,784:
Grant Calcaterra ✔: $ 756,251: $ 921,251: $ 1,036,251: $ 1,151,251:

In the off-season of 2025, the “Eagles” will also have the opportunity to use the fifth year version of Dice for the 2026 season.

Only crazy people should worry about reading further 🤓

If you add up all the columns in the 2022 column, the total estimated Eagles conscription newcomer is $ 7,380,460. So will they need about $ 7.4 million to sign all their newcomers? No, it does not work very well. Since the NFL only counts the top 51 players on the roster, only Dice, Jurgens և Dean will replace the players, so to speak, above the “top 51” demarcation line.

How will you see? OverTheCap’s Eagles page:There are a number of players in the top 51 who will be counting for a little less than $ 900,000 this year. In other words, you would add the numbers of Dice, Jurgens, Dean’s hat, subtract the numbers of the three players just above the 51-person line. That number gives you extra hat space, which will require the Eagles to sign their entire draft.

I will save your job. It is $ 3,236,008. According to The Eagles, the Eagles currently have a little over $ 14 million in area NFLPA Public Daily Wage Reportso they have more than enough space to sign all of their newcomers without having to clear the space for extra hats.

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