Pennsylvania State Police have charged a soldier living in Philadelphia with drug offenses stemming from a revelation made by a U.S. Postal Inspector, authorities say.

44-year-old commander Joseph V. Chakhorovsky was arrested Wednesday after investigators found 30 Oxymetholone pills, two vials of Trenbolone and two anabolic steroids in Chester County, both of which are controlled substances.

Police said a small amount of other controlled items was also found in Chakhorovsky’s house.

Chakhorovsky is assigned to a contingent in Philadelphia. He was drafted into the state police in November 2014 and is a member of the 141st cadet class. He was suspended without pay until the criminal case against him was resolved.

Chakhorovsky is accused of possession of a controlled substance, drugs, small quantities of marijuana – tools of crime.

The charges were brought by the PSP Criminal Investigation Bureau’s Drug Enforcement Division in Chester District Court.

Chakhorovsky was arraigned on Wednesday and released on $ 7,500 bail ahead of a May 17 preliminary hearing.

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