Online dating is a convenient way to meet new people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. For one Pennsylvania woman, however, it brought her face to face with a man police say is very dangerous.

Harrisburg resident Monica White spoke with him Washington Post, detailing her relationship with alleged serial killer Anthony Eugene Robinson, whom she met through a dating website. In an interview published by The Post earlier this week, White offered insight into the mystery man known for moving frequently and changing jobs often, who authorities have dubbed the “Basketball Killer.”

As recently as fall 2020, White was 53 and ready to start dating again after going through a painful divorce, she said. She created online dating profiles and remembers being contacted by Robinson with a message: “Hello beautiful, I would like to get to know you better.”

The flirting continued with Robinson telling White that he liked her interest in art and her work as a preschool teacher. Robinson, now 36, said he was looking for something serious and preferred the maturity of older women. He confided to her that he had never been married but had a daughter who was about 6 years old and a son who died in infancy.

Their relationship quickly went from texts to video chats before Robinson’s first visit to Pennsylvania in late 2020. Unknowingly, he was making a connection with a threatening figure.

Police say Robinson is an alleged serial killer who has gone public connected the deaths of six women, two of whom have been charged with murder: Allen Redmon, 54, and Tonita Smith, 39, both of Virginia. Police believe the women were killed in 2021, between October 24 and November 14. Their bodies were found together on November 23, 2021, next to a shopping cart in a vacant lot in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Investigators say Robinson met Redmon and Smith on dating websites and allegedly lured them to hotels, where he killed them and dumped their bodies in a vacant lot. He allegedly used a shopping cart to transport their remains, police said.

Surveillance videos from the hotel, which prosecutors say show Robinson leaving the room and pushing a shopping cart with the women’s bodies on separate occasions, were played for the judge. preliminary hearing On Monday. A judge found enough evidence to send the case against Robinson to a grand jury.

Robinson, who was living in Washington when he was arrested, is also a suspect in three other murders that occurred that year.

In December 2021, police found the remains of 29-year-old Cheyenne Brown and 48-year-old Stephanie Harrison in a large plastic container near another trash can in Fairfax County, Virginia. The women’s remains were found near the Moon Inn, where Robinson was staying, and the dead were linked to him through cell phone and video evidence, authorities said.

She has since been linked to the death of Sonya Champ, 40, who was found in a shopping cart in the Northeast United States in September 2021.

Robinson is not currently facing charges in connection with the deaths of Brown, Harrison or Champs.

Recently, the police reopened the investigation into the death of Robinson’s ex-fiancé. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Skye Allen, 30, was found by her mother unconscious and struggling to breathe in the bedroom Allen shared with Robinson. It was then determined that his death was due to cardiac arrhythmia.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Monica White said Robinson mentioned he was engaged to a dead woman.

White said Robinson never discussed violence against women, but there were some dark moments. For example, he sometimes choked White briefly when they were intimate, leaving him suffocating. He also showed her a scar where she claims she was stabbed. He never explained the details of the stabbing, but said he would kill anyone who tried to attack him with a knife again.

In early 2021, things took an unusual turn for White and Robinson. Their relationship continued, and Robinson expressed a desire to move to Pennsylvania with his daughter. In February 2021, he arrived in the Harrisburg area on White’s birthday with a surprise of his own.

“When (Robinson) got here, he said, “I’m going to have to get a job or something to get home because I don’t have the money for my ticket,” White said.

Robinson took a job in a Pennsylvania warehouse, staying with White for three weeks and earning money for his return.

The relationship came to a screeching halt not long after, when White said that at her birthday party, Robinson got drunk and made sexual comments toward White’s son and a friend’s teenage son.

The following morning, a confrontation about the incident escalated into a fight, and White called the police to get Robinson to leave, which he eventually did.

However, this was not the last he saw of her. Weeks later, Robinson messaged White on Facebook, asking to meet him at a Harrisburg hotel where he allegedly lived.

“I’ll give you what you want,” Robinson told White, adding that he wanted to buy synthetic marijuana.

He refused to meet her and only saw her once; she was driving through Harrisburg and was shocked to see him walking down the street, looking disheveled compared to his usual appearance.

Months later, in December 2021, a relative relayed to White a story about Robinson being labeled a serial killer by the police. She was supposed to be with her niece, who was giving birth, but White was so stunned by the news that she felt unable to leave her home.

Read more about White’s meeting with Robinson Washington Post website.

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