As the offseason progresses, we’ve taken the time to talk more about the team, its aspirations and potential limitations. A notable addition flies in the face of all this talk Under the radar: Daryl Morey and the front office passed on 23 earlier this summerrd Memphis picked up the draft over De’Anthony Melton. At the time, this trade was rightfully hailed as a “total Daryl W.” This is more than a win, it’s a game changer for the Sixers.

Drafted as a second-rounder by Daryl’s Rockets in 2018, Melton will enter his fifth season in the league as a 24-year-old. The combo guard has been an impressive and outstanding contributor to the Grizzlies’ collective success over the past two years. In Philly, he should thrive within the same role, but his production and reliability should increase.

The first and foremost attribute that fits Melton’s game so perfectly is his hitting. Last year, he attempted 10.7 threes per 100 possessions and shot at an impressive rate in textbook form: 37.4% overall, 40.6% on catch-and-shoots and 50% from the corners. Given his volume and efficiency, it’s clear that Melton will be the Sixers’ best point guard around Embiid and Harden.

Looking at the roster after Simmons’ departure, the Sixers’ most glaring weakness is their point guard. In that regard, Melton is one of the lowest-rated defenders in our league! With excellent steal and block speed, solid quickness, and a great rebounding presence for his size, our new pickup is a really good perimeter defender and (plus) has the best off-ball ability at the spot. Additionally, the Sixers aren’t exactly on the wings, and despite his 6’3” frame, Melton could fill that role at times because of his length and intelligence.

Next to Harden or Maxey, you won’t find a more perfect fit on either end to tackle the backcourt. He’s young, and it’s fair to assume he’ll continue to develop into an even better player as he finished the regular season with a 12-game regular season average of 17.2 points per game.

To whom summarizeThe words that would ideally describe Melton’s skill set and influence are complete and permanent versatility.

“Mr. Do It All” understands the game well enough to pull off a few pick-and-rolls when needed, but he’ll also come off or off screens to run the shooting threat and attack in close quarters. Defensively, he’s on the perimeter. can hurt opposing guards and constantly disrupt passing lanes, though he’ll also spin perfectly in time to block open shots at the rim.

Melton has a lucrative contract for the next two seasons. He’s probably the most overrated acquisition in the entire league this year, given his true value, fine fit and what a bargain this deal really is. He’s ready, he’s excited to play here, and he’s the type of seemingly marginal addition that will pay dividends in the playoffs, where he’ll play a defining role.

Finally, getting De’Anthony Melton is the more mundane, but nonetheless extremely important Daryl W.

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