“Danger”. Superstar Ryan Long received a miniature Liberty Bell from Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney on Tuesday in honor of his achievements on the popular game show.

Mt. The Airy resident won 16 Jeopardy. games earlier this year, the ninth-longest winning streak in show history. He earned Just under $300,000, amid a string of episodes that spanned more than two weeks.

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In an official ceremony at City Hall, Kenny called Long a “hometown hero” and presented him with a ceremonial model of the Liberty Bell, WHYY. reports.

Long, a former rideshare driver, said he’s not much of a public person and he was “sought out by his mother” to receive the mayoral honor. He then took to Twitter to reminisce about the last time he visited City Hall and how much his life has changed.

Long had tried unsuccessfully to prevent the sheriff from selling his brother’s foreclosed home, where he lived, he tweeted. But on Tuesday, he was on hand to shake the mayor’s hand and receive the “key” to the city.

Long’s life has changed quite a bit over the past year. His “Danger”. success came at a difficult time in his life. He was hospitalized for weeks with COVID-19, forcing him to quit his job as a SEPTA paratransit driver. To make ends meet, he became an Uber and Lyft driver.

Long will have the opportunity to make another winning streak in the near future.”Tournament of Champions” as this year’s top competitors face off to determine the best of the best tournament starts on October 31st.

This year’s competition format includes changes from previous iterations. Along with the 19 star players already announced, there will be two alternates. One replacement is Emily Fiasco, who won three games for a total of $87,000. The other one has not yet been revealed.

It will also feature three top seeded players who automatically advance to the semi-final stage. They are Amy Schneider (40 wins), Matt Amodio (38 wins) and Matea Roach (23 wins). These players are “so far ahead of the curve” that they were knocked out of the quarterfinals,” said executive producer Michael Davis.Inside “Danger!”“Podcast.

While Long will face a tough field of opponents, Kenney told him that “the city will agree and cheer you on as you progress through the tournament.”

City spokeswoman Sheila Hess said the tournament gives Long an opportunity to “showcase his deep knowledge and the spirit of Philadelphia.”

Hess took to Twitter to wish Long well and shared photos of himself and Kenny as they presented him with his awards.

Fans before worried of Long’s health, thanks to his comments Philadelphia Magazine about suffering from memory loss after battling COVID, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting his plans to travel to California to film the tournament.

Long told WHYY that she is looking forward to enjoying the trip and that it will be her son’s first time in California. Despite preparing to face some tough competition, Long must first face another monumental and, for many, relatable task: helping her child adjust to the new school year.

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