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Interim manager Rob Thomson handed the Phillies ranking card to the home plate judge on Tuesday. It was read there: Schwarber, Hoskins, Castellanos, Realmuto. Just stand there. The question remained in the minds of Phillies fans. Where does Bryce Harper fight? Twice there is no chance that the MVP will reach a lower level without clearing during a certain game.

The Phillies, who were well rested after losing to the Nats in Sunday’s training game, arrived at the Globe Life Field on Tuesday for a two-game series with the Texas Rangers. When the teams last met in May, the Rangers beat the Elephants in three games. Since then, the Phillies have made changes in management, which has had a better impact on their performance over the past month. However, their best shot at Harper was out of order due to an infected blister in his left hand.

As both starting players were busy, it was a duel of the pitchers going to the fifth half. Phils start and former Ranger, Kyle Gibson allowed just two shots and hit 4.2 out of a quarter. Unfortunately, the Rangers took the lead in fifth place, hitting Gibson back. The long ball carried for the Rangers last night as they scored four homers in a 7-0 win.

The Phillies, as it were, struggled in the attack 0-9, runners in goal situation. Many bats were ineffective because they were behind in numbers and could not advance the main runners. As Cole Calhoun caught a fantastic tackle on the left field, Matt Wierling helped with a shot and a potential RBI steal, the Rangers helped the defense. Home referee Charlie Ramos also expanded the penalty area for the Rangers several times, which did not help the Phillies’ chances.

You ask, what’s with the Phillies’ hard work? Because of Harper’s failure? If you look at the statistics, the answer is yes. He is on the team 4-6, when Harper is not in the squad. But personally, I do not believe that a particular player can blame the whole team. Yes, Harper’s mental energy and great experience can definitely affect the team’s speed, but bats shouldn’t calm down without it. Their ranks are full of absolutely skilled fighters with figures to prove it.

As you move forward, the team must combine skills and use each other’s bats. For example, if Rhys Hoskins takes a walk to start shooting, the following inclination must find a way to bring him to a better goal position. No matter what approach the next fight takes, it is very important that the Phillies find a way to shoot the runs and build confidence in the ability of each player.

Of course, everyone likes Harper’s entry, because it’s just fun to watch him. In the words of Tom McCarthy, “He’s like a kid playing in a small league game.”

Currently, the current MVP is the leader to start the DH for the National League in the 2022 Allstar Game. The number three is the leader with 1,059,433 votes. He fights with .326 points with 15 home runs and 48 RBIs.

According to, “Fans can fill out the 2022 Chevrolet MLB All-Star Ballot at a maximum of five times every 24 hours until the end of the first round of voting at 14:00 ET on June 30. You can only vote on, in all 30 MLB. on club websites and in the MLB program.

Harper will begin the series final against the Rangers on Wednesday. There will be Zach Wheeler on Phillies Hill and hopefully you can give some running support for their ace. Let’s smash the Phillies!

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