Bryce Harper’s nervous system allowed him to process Blake Snell’s 97 mph in just 75 milliseconds. Even 75 milliseconds was not enough for the best fighter on the planet. Suddenly, the Great Oak collapsed – Snell’s wrong heater was hit in the left thumb, and with it the cautious optimism that arose around this Phillies ball club. Harper, it turns out, was a man. The magic hanging in the night sky over Petco Park was blown away, the wind blew from the sails of this striped club, and their ascent to the controversy became even steeper. 400 milliseconds is enough to bring a six-month baseball season to its knees. Some games.

However, such moments would always be the determining factor of the Phillies season. An explosive rescue, a round-trip, wrong pitch – It is in these small moments that the team on the brink of controversy straightens its bones. Capitalize on them and suddenly you get a better crown than your record. Meeting them is a failure, and you’re not associated with poor nutrition – an expensive mistake for some.

The 2022 list is the equivalent of a jet plane with a zipper or a mansion built on a pit – expensive, beautiful, but prone to collapse at any moment. Most importantly, this team is an inseparable and sometimes painful person. For a team built on pride, this is a list he knows above all, they must be better. They are feel the pressure of not being able to pay their high salaries, even if they do their best to do so. They compete in vain to achieve what seems to be an unattainable standard – the playoffs and the admiration of the city have waned. They are a proud team, both good and bad – their performances are sensitive to emotional fluctuations in leadership. Harper’s loss will be felt severely – but it is not a death sentence.

It wasn’t Saturday night, and Phillies responded to Harper’s injury with a solid 4-2 victory. Starting Kyle Gibson wasn’t even on Sunday during his 8-5 comeback win with just 2.2 shots. They rode the bullpen all weekend, tied the Padres for more than 13 shots and took 3 of them in the process. In his last five games, including a loss to Texas on Wednesday, the bullpen has averaged 15.5 points and 19 rebounds. Aaron Nola continues to flare, scoring 7 or more shots in the last 4 starts and lowering the ERA to 2.98. Kyle Schwarber is even hotter, scoring .283 points in June with 10 home runs and 4 RBIs in Sunday’s game. Fighter Nick Castellanos finally came out on Sunday – against the insidious Yu Darwish – a potential spark for a promising hot strip. Third base player Alec Bohm has scored .305 in the last 15 days, sent 3 doubles in the series, gone 16 to 5 and raised his average to .259.

These achievements may seem small compared to the scale of Harper’s injury, but they are nonetheless significant. Because no matter how devastated this expensive team may seem, and no matter how steep their path to the controversy, they have shown us one thing – they will fight. Leaning their backs on the wall, what else is there to do?

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