Do not blame me for this. You clicked. While you’re here, I’m still wondering where some of these conscripts think the Philadelphia Eagles (Or New Orleans Saints) will end in 2022, you’ll start learning some of the prospects for 2023 along the way, I think.


Option 12 (Choice of Saints). Bijan Robinson, RB, TexasRunning buttocks often do not go to heaven so early, but people like Robinson do not come often. He is the ultimate mix of size, speed, strength, acceptance skills, physicality և instincts.

Option 16. Derrick Hall, EDGE, AuburnThe Eagles have several notable expiration contracts on the defensive edge, a position that the team always prioritizes. Hall appeared as a star for Auburn ունի has the opportunity to take this one step in 2022, as he strengthens his status as a future senior.

#JimmySays:Eagles are just as likely to run back in the first round as linear defenders.


Option 12. Ellie Ricks, CB, AlabamaAlabama’s one corner defender, but this time it is very projection. Ellie Ricks moved from LSU to Crimson Tide ելու to launch projects against Malachi Moore. Ricks is a long and embarrassing corner that has a history of healthy recruitment from high school days. He does not allow much coverage, collecting 5 interruptions in his career, although a season ago he played only a few games for the “Tigers”.

Option 13 (Choice of Saints). Brandon Joseph, Notre DameFeedback for the Philadelphia Eagles Second play in this ridiculous NFL draft as they capture Brandon Joseph from Notre Dame. Like their first choice, Joseph’s choice is the main prediction right now.

He thrives on free zone coverage as a free domain interrupt, blocking the top 6 national transfers in 2020. After he decided to go back to college and reject the 2022 NFL draft, he moved to Notre Dame, where he fits in perfectly with their system.

#JimmySays:Little did I know that Joseph had moved from Notre Dame to the Northwest, so I guess I learned something here.


Choose 12 (from Saints): BJ Ojulari, EDGE, LSUIn 2022, the Eagles made their big fuss over trades much smaller, leaving the need for a young man with an explosive on the table. This explosive player will make sense with a quick first step և different steps. Ojulari is the brother of former Georgian star Aziz, who is the second rounder in 2021 to start as a giant.

Option 13. Brandon Joseph, S., Notre DameThe Eagles also failed to meet the need for security when they did not select Notre Dame Kyle Hamilton in the first round. Here they are thinking about Hamilton’s replacement. Joseph has to build his corner game on the ball as he moves from the Northwest, returning from a difficult transition year for his former plan.

#JimmySays:Joseph again! We have an early management club.

33rd team

Option 12. Nolan Smith, EDGE, GeorgiaAnyone who has watched this year’s NFL Draft from Georgia knows what I mean when I say that Nolan Smith is a very distracting guy. He found it very difficult to write notes about their prospects, as Smith was constantly on the tape. He rises to the top of the table և will be a future player this season. Frankly, in a few months we can talk about him in the Top 5 teams.

Choose 13 (Saints). Miles Murphy, DL, ClemsonThis sounds bad to a guy who thinks he can be number one when all is said and done. I do not have solid evidence on the tape that he is the best defensive edge in the class or even on his own defensive line, but that tape could easily show up during this college football season, the tests will follow. Here he falls for the Eagles, which gets a successive selection և just massively updated their transfer speed.

#JimmySays:Hey, Nolan Smith. I only had him mock my Eagles in 1.0 before he decided to go back to Georgia.


Select 10. BJ Ojulari, EGDGE, LSUBrandon Graham will not be nearby anymore, so the Eagles will need a rush to the edges for the future. BJ Ojulari did a great job of taking over the wounded Ali Gaye in 2021.

Option 12 (no matter which choice the saints make). Malachi Moore, CB / S, AlabamaThe Eagles miss the days when a perennial proboscis like Brian Dawkins patrolled the center of the field. Malachi Moore is an instinctive defensive defender who can play anywhere on the defensive back.

#JimmySays:So that’s five jokes, no backers.

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