What is your five-year plan, Philadelphia?

Teddy Shander would love to know because he, like many others, is going to start a lifetime of Philadelphia sports fans. Teddy turned 1 year old this Wednesday, mostly thanks to his mother (home MVP), which made me wonder what he would become in the next five years.

He will go to a lot of games, wear a lot of T-shirts, T-shirts, anything else. There will be Chase Utley և Jimmy Rollins’s old Donovan McNabb T-shirt, but this is about the future. Something that also coincides with the situation where we are all now as fans of the same teams. Everything has changed dramatically since Teddy was born.

I have to publicly thank the Philadelphia 76ers front office ընթացքում marketing department during Teddy’s first birthday. A year ago, they sent the glorious “Welcome to the World” basket, which had his first and only T-shirt, Joel Embid.

He wore it to every Sixers game we can watch. he is the only one, for the sake of goodness, he will obey much more in his early life. Instead of jumping from team to team, it is better to look at what և are not the key components for the next five years. It is more a question of what he is growing up with, how he will feel – your son or daughter, what we can prepare for as “sports” parents.

The pegs of the city

At 28, bi on a long-term maximum deal, Embiid is going nowhere. The length of his NBA life is determined by how well his body can withstand wear and tear, but even then he has enough skill to walk around for a few years. That’s neither my concern nor my son’s problem.

At this point in time, depending on what happens to the Sixers, Embiid may be heading to Miami or Los Angeles, or some other hot spot. It’s hard to blame him for the climate. The next five years can determine or help shape what happens outside of this season during the trading deadline. Daryl Mori needs to update this team, which could mean a split from Tobias Harris և Matisse Taibul. They are closed with James Harden for the next few years, probably in a short-term deal, so the immediate future of the Sixers is quite prepared.

Teddy begins to grow up watching a generational player redefine his center-forward position in the ever-evolving league, alongside one of the game’s top scorers, during his twilight years. That is a plus. That’s the next three years, it’s expected, how these guys can stand on the floor.

All that remains is to find the best pieces that can fit around the puzzle as quickly as possible. It’s on Mori. You know the exercise եք you have heard it before. “Time is running out for Embiid.” Well, that’s bleeding for Harden.

The second T-shirt my son will wear will be Tyrese Max. This young man is happy to see one of the bright young players in the game flourish. People can focus on how good a boy he is, but watching him hit people on the floor with a ball or a ball is a beauty.

Bryce Harper is not going anywhere. We all know that և The Phillies have developed a younger (than Bryce) talent around him. The problem with this team seems to be in line with previous years, except that they have the ability to eliminate mistakes, sometimes literally, in small gardens.

I like the fact that Teddy can watch Harper break down everything, regardless of the season, who’s on the team, or the circumstances of the game. It’s far beyond any Philadelphia or Old School approach.

He cares.

It manifests itself every time he is there, it շատ very nice to see. You can ignore or even downplay this as something that should be the norm, or the player is just doing his job. That would be foolish at best.

Harper’s attitude, approach, and influence in the front office create an eternal flame of hope that burns brightly no matter what chaos surrounds him. Sport is about change, it’s about nature, the boys are called up and down, the constant ability to move a player during the season, even the refereeing.

Will the team win in the next five years? Probably not, but I bet they will. If I had the chance of them reaching at least NLCS, I would put Teddy Day Care in it for a year or two. (If you told my wife about the opening MVP comment, feel free to leave this one.)

Carter Hart is something the Flyers have been missing for decades, but now that he is here, many other areas have been destroyed. We know that Hart is stuck in the tubes for as long as possible, there are a few other young influential players who also have the opportunity to grow here. This is really about a new voice that may not last the five years we are projecting here.

In fact, it’s a safer bet than the Phillies on NLCS. John Tortorella does not have to be here for five years to tour a franchise that was not really as bad as it showed last year. The team derailed, mainly because the injuries became more complicated. Think about what next year will bring, so that in the third year, when Teddy is actively attending the Flyers Games, he will see tangible changes. The combination of a healthier team, a young player on the net ված a proven new voice adds more than excitement. it is W in the tournament table.

The Philadelphia Eagles:

This one is complicated պարզ at the same time simple. The easiest person to consider in the next five years as a major or real player is Donta Smith. Part of that is because we do not know the future of Jalen Hertz as the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting line-up, and part of it is that Smith is already striving to become one of the best hosts in the NFL.

Sky is the limit for this young star, which means that the coaching staff needs to figure out how to maximize everything. AJ Brown should be one of the main components of this team, because growing up with those two young players, be it QB or a young fan, is fantastic.

What about the Hurts?

Nobody knows. The team does not do that, which is actually the best for them, as they have options to find out before the start of next season. Until now, Hertz has to convince more than his “haters” that he is a good fit for the job. I believe that my son will have the opportunity to watch the young nucleus of Hertz, Smith, Brown and Dallas Gauder, which turns into a threatening force. The good news for Teddy is that if things get worse for Hertz, young Teddy will not be big enough to remember. As of now, we are rooting for Hurts in this family.

Honorary mention

Here are the last two things you need to know: Jay Wright and the Philadelphia Union. My son grew up in this region knowing how Wright influenced the basketball community. There is a need not to see Teddy Wright as the talk of the league or any nonsense about Wright vs. (Fill in the blank legend) coach. It is very possible that when Vilanova’s basketball program comes out of the huge hole created by Wright’s absence, young fans like Teddy will understand why the crater was so large.

Like Wright, for a variety of reasons և for fans, the Union has made significant progress with both sports fans and the community. You may not see it or you may not be following the right people on Twitter, but the Union is constantly responding to local communities to raise awareness of social and economic issues.

They are a fantastic team that has struggled to reach the point of contention year after year, which works wonders to develop the game in the region. Take a look at the celebration when Philadelphia was announced as the host city for the World Cup. The area has accepted the game, և The Union’s own turn is a symbol of general change on the field.

To put it bluntly, I’m buying my son a Maxey T-shirt.

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