In the 2022 NFL Draft, the first to third rounds were completed and the Eagles made some great moves. The Birds traded two in the first round to bring down one of the league’s best buyers. On the second day, they made no trades and chose their destination, but still chose Kelce’s replacement and the defender they had picked up in the first round.

In the first round, the Eagles picked 15, 4th round and two 5th round pickers to move up to 13 and catch Jordan Davis. It was a big step because they were able to get the most athletic perspective in the history of college football and did not have to give up their first or second round options (except for 15). Davis is 6’6,340 pounds and he ran 40 in 4.78 seconds, which is incredible in his size. He will learn from the Hall of Fame in Fletcher Cox that it will be great for his development. This is an A + valuable choice for Birds. Second, in the first round, they made the 18th choice, and after the third round, they chose AJ Brown. Brown is one of the best buyers in the entire football league and is only 24 years old. In three seasons, he has 2,995 yards and 24 touchdowns. Howie was able to trade for him and extended 4 years and $ 100 million. His friendship with Jalen Hurts should be easily seen when he falls on the field and shows chemistry. It’s also a great trade for DeVonta Smith, who will have less pressure on him, and Smith / Brown has a chance to be one of the best receiving duos in the future.

In the second round, in the 51st round, the Eagles chose Cam Jurgens, the center from Nebraska. Jurgens is 6’3, 303 pounds, and Jason Kelze ran the fastest 40 times in the center with 4.92 seconds. Many were surprised by the choice, as Kelce is still playing at such a high level, but get his replacement now so he can learn under Kelce while still playing very well. Jason Kelce also showed mass support when Jurgens was selected, saying that he was his favorite player in the project and that he saw himself in Cam Jurgens. The preparation of the center in the second round is not a place where many of us see the Eagles go, but if Jason Kelce likes it, I do.

Finally, in the third round, the Eagles were able to stay in their choice and choose Linebacker Nakobe Dean from Georgia. Dean was easily the top 20 choice talent, but it caused concern about a chest injury. Many wanted the Eagles to take the Dean with a 15th or 18th choice, so it’s amazing that they got it in the third round. This could be a major theft for the Eagles. Dean can be a professional defender for many years, and the Eagles need such a player behind the amazing line of defense.

The Eagles have recruited four players who can and will change the outlook of this franchise. In just two nights, the Eagles added the most athletic player in promising history, one of the league’s best and youngest buyers, Kelces’ replacement and the top 20 most talented players in the third round. So far, Howie has earned a lot of respect for this road, and for the first two days, my price for them is A.

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