The Phillies, who went 11-11 and managed to leave in April with a record of 500, are currently third in the NL East. To be honest, Brother City of Love isn’t a place he doesn’t want to see red-striped boys at this point in the season, but it shouldn’t be a cause for concern just yet.

Also, the Phils weren’t shot by the Mets at City Field on Friday. After a four-game winning streak of more than 30 runs during the Rockies series, every fan’s mouth was sour. However, the Phillies won the second game of the series 4-1 behind home runs from Kyle Schwarber and Rhys Hoskins. The series is closed and I hope it can reach the finals in Phils Queens.

Looking at next month, how are the Phillies trending?

Who is playing?

In most cases, the whole team performs very well, taking into account the obstacles. Bryce Harper is a little injured, but he can still shoot and get hot. JT Realmuto kills him behind the plate and on the plate. Nick Castellanos gets a hit almost every night and was worth every penny.

Unfortunately, Schwarber’s signature has not yet seen an average rise, but leading the team in home competitions is not a bad statistic. Didi Gregorius is back from injury and still hits well. Jean Segura is excellent at the point of leadership and plays the clutch on the field.

I must say that. Philadelphia Phillies bullpen perform and they perform well. Not once this year did they take the lead after the eighth shot, which is surprising given that fans have been busy for the past few years.

Starting cubes also find their place – spectacular performances by Wheeler and Nola. The rest of the rotation also seems to hold its own. Hopefully, they can continue to do so, as this rotation is unstable in the depth and performance department. If something happens, it is unclear who will play the role of the “next person”.

Who is not?

There is a lot to be thankful for in April, but there is a problem at the center.

There are several factors to consider. Odubel Herrera was inevitable to return to injury and be included in the MLB list. He will always be a factor and was with Matt Vierling. Unfortunately, Vierling failed to do his best. Another mystery that appears on the Phillies’ MLB roster is the presence of Roman Quinn.

Quinn has been a key element of the terrible Phillies teams for the last half-decade and was only released to return the previous year. Quinn’s terrible pitch, relentless fights and untidy base runs have bothered his entire career and the Phillies.

You have to stop. Phillies need depth. They need depth, but at the cost of simple mistakes. Herrera is not perfect either. He made a terrible major mistake in the important part of the game and ran between the third and home.

What’s the deadline and what’s next?

The deadline came on May 1, and the Phillies had to send two players to the minors. These two players should be Roman Quinn and Damon Jones. Neither of them is important for the success of this list. Girardi could send Vierling down via Quinn, but only time will tell. Phillies are allowed to carry 14 jugs until the end of May. So that means another cube will have to go at the end of the month.

Phillies Phans should expect Mickey Monyak to return this month. It will be exciting to see the first overall choice in a form that plays meaningful baseball and works hard with hard-working coach Kevin Long. Fans will have to wait for the Vierling / Quinn to lower, depending on the return schedule. However, seeing that Monyak lives up to the hype and choosing a project will show that Philis’s player development is moving in the right direction.

The Phights will have to fight for the Eastern NL and the playoffs, given how demanding their schedules are. This month, Philly will face the Rangers, Mets, Dodgers, Atlanta, Padres and Giants. Will play fun baseball, but will the Phils be NL East leaders by the end of the month?

Photo: Adam Hunger / AP Photo

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