Last season, DeVonta Smith was undoubtedly the Eagles’ best weapon in attack. Now that AJ Brown has been added to the offense, not many people talk much about DeVonta. After a perfect teenage year, Smith has high expectations for his second year.

DeVonta broke the Eagles’ novice record with 916 yards last season. He also added 5 touches. The Eagles were the toughest team in the league, so if we put that into perspective, DeVonta had a very solid year for the number one buyer who didn’t score as many goals as he needed to.

The Eagles openly made it a priority to help Jalen Hurts improve as a passer and become a more balanced attacker. If DeVonta Smith is now surrounded by number two corners instead of number one, it could be for a very big year. Mutual defenses will try to stop Brown and Dallas Goedert, so DeVonta Smith will most likely be the defense’s third priority. DeVonta is a nightmare for other teams as the number two receiver. He played a lot of big games for the Eagles last season and is now likely to face weaker corners.

As for what to expect, DeVonta will once again be one of the focal points of this Eagles murder. The talent surrounding this crime is one of the best in the league. Although DeVonta is not the number one choice or even the number two choice, he is still one of the best players in this offense and can change the game. There will be games in which the defense does not respond to DeVonta. They will have to take their poison. It will be very difficult to stop both AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith.

Coming in his second year, DeVonta will try to take advantage of his perfect teenage years and once again become one of the Eagles’ best weapons. If Hurts develops as a passer and the Eagles move on to a more pass-happy offense, DeVonta could be in big numbers in the second year.

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