Apparently, insulting a person’s wife and children is not a great way to make friends and influence people – or to keep a job.

Philadelphia real estate agent Sivan Ilamathi comments on Facebook insulting Ori Feibush's family

One of the Facebook comments made by Philadelphia real estate agent Sivan Ilamathi insulting Ori Feibush’s family (Image via Facebook / Getty Images)

Either Feibush has his fair share of haters, whether it’s Kenyatta Johnson or opponents of gentrification or just dissatisfied tenants. Having haters comes with the territory when you are a wealthy real estate developer, especially one in a community like South Philadelphia, where neighbors are not afraid to express their opinion. Loud. But a man crossed a line that is generally understood not to be crossed: he went after Feibush’s family.

Everything has collapsed in recent weeks – somewhere else? – Facebook. Real estate agent Sivan Ilamathi turned to the social media platform to make derogatory remarks about Feibush in Facebook neighborhood groups and on Feibush’s own page, eventually turning his attention to Feibush’s children.

“Your baby has shit on his face,” Ilamathi wrote under a photo posted by Feibush on April 28 with him and his young daughter. That “shit,” Feibush would later explain, is a hemangioma, a benign growth.

In another April photo, in which Feibush can be seen with both of her children on her birthday, Ilamathi decided to sing with another remark about appearances. “2 boys? 2 sides? So hard to say. ”

But Ilamathi was not over yet. He found a “Happy Birthday” post that Feibush made for his wife, Elise LeMay, in March, which contained a variety of family photos. “Ugly family with bad motivations,” Ilamathi commented. “Josnic.”

All right, then.

“Every human being knows not to cross this line,” Feibush tells Philly Mag.

Ilamathi made the remarks after a hearing of the ethics committee at the Greater Philadelphia Realtors Association did not go as planned. Ilamathi filed an ethics complaint against Feibush over a phone call the two had about one of Ilamathi’s clients and a Feibush property. He accused Feibush of violating Article 3 of the National Association of Realtors’ Code of Ethics, which states that realtors “want to cooperate with other brokers unless the cooperation is not in the client’s best interest.” But after hearing Ilamathi’s testimony, the committee ruled that Feibush did not violate the code.

When contacted for comments on the brouhaha, Ilamathi, who had been an agent with Keller Williams Philadelphia from 2018 at least, he did not deny that he posted offensive messages.

“Or he clearly plays an innocent person and doesn’t mention all the ugly things he told me and did before my comments,” Ilamathi told us, refusing to go into detail.

Asked about Ilamathi’s “ugly things”, Feibush emphasized the ethics committee’s decision and noted that Ilamathi was clearly upset by it.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever met this person in person,” Feibush added.

In the end, things didn’t go so well for Ilamathi. After the posts were brought to the attention of the management of Keller Williams Philadelphia, a local office of one of the largest real estate companies in the world, the company severed ties with Ilamathi and apologized to Feibush for his behavior, according to e- emails reviewed by Philly Mag.

“I’ve never seen anyone behave like that in my professional life,” says Feibush. “And I hope I never do it again.”

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