As we head into October full steam ahead, the Phillies are in prime position to be one of the National League Wildcard teams.
The 2022 season has been nothing short of a banner year for the team with several ups and downs.

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Early season struggles saw the Phils part ways with former manager Joe Girardi, and then an injury to reigning MVP Bryce Harper looked like the nail in the coffin for the 2022 team. But with a solid second half and Harper’s return, the Phillies are proving that baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.

Bryce Harper has made a significant impact on the organization to this point, and if his Phillies career continues this way, he could go down as the greatest of All-Time. Another Phillies great of all time was Richie Ashburn, who played with the Phillies for 12 seasons from 1948-1959. During this time, Ashburn made 4 All-Star appearances during the 1958 season, which led the National League. A .350 average tune average hitter. During the era of superstardom, Richie Ashburn stood out as one of the best.

FOCO just released Then and Now Bobblehead with Bryce Harper and Richie Ashburn depicts both superstar players in action atop a Phillies stadium-themed base.

At left is Ashburn in black and white in a retro Phillies jersey, and at left is Harper in color wearing the team’s current iteration of the jersey. The bobblehead is limited to 422 units, stands 5 inches tall, and retails for $80.

The After and Now collection quickly became one of the hottest collections of the year FOCO leaving out a few MLB and plenty of NFL to come throughout the season.

While all FOCO bobbleheads are great collectibles, they are especially valuable with two stars from two different eras.

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