Plus: Fetterman to debate Oz. And more of what the town is talking about (or should be talking about).

a photo of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, whose new word list does not include the word jawn, and another of John Fetterman

Left: Jawless Merriam-Webster Dictionary. (Photo via Merriam-Webster) | Right: John Fetterman (Getty Images)

Merriam-Webster’s new jawless word list is an insult to Philadelphia

Every year, Merriam-Webster presents its list of new words. And every year, we sit here like word nerds waiting for that list. Because we just know that eventually the people making those decisions will see the light and add oh-so-philly “jaws” to the dictionary. After all, when you have a Florida attorney whose name is John Morgan advertising on billboards and buses in Philly by changing “John” to “Jawn,” that pretty much solidifies the word’s legitimacy, right?

Unfortunately, the Merriam-Webster list of new words it just came outand there are no “jaws”. The list includes 370 new words. Among them: yeet, janky, lewk and pwn. Yes, Mr. Pwn. Like “jaws”. But with a “p”. And no vowels. At least jaw has a vowel!

Well, maybe we’ll have to wait until next year for jawn. But on the bright side, they gave us “sleepables”. And we’ll definitely be dropping that in Scrabble very soon.

OK, so who Otherwise Do you want to be mayor?

Pretty soon, we won’t have anyone on the City Council. Allan is out (though he hasn’t announced a mayoral run…yet). Mary left. Derek left. And now, Cherelle Parker is out, because she wants to be mayor, too.

Parker served the 9th District (think: Northwest and Northeast) for just over six years. Before that, he was a state representative.

The first meeting of the City Council for the next session is on September 15. The board should have 17 members in it. As of Thursday morning, I was at 13. Anyone want to make it to 12? 11?

We are still awaiting official word on a special election to replace the members who resigned.

The Fetterman-Oz Debate: It’s On!

We’ve been wondering for weeks and weeks when John Fetterman will debate Dr. Oz. We finally have our answer. According to a statement released by Fetterman, he will face Oz in a no-holds-barred steel cage death match (OK, it’s a debate, but it’s fun to dream) sometime towards the end of October.

Oz’s camp has publicly questioned why Fetterman has yet to agree to a debate, introducing his recent attack on the matter by saying things like Fetterman “is either sane and shying away from debate because he doesn’t want to be held accountable for his positions of the radical left, or is too ill to participate in the debate.”

Fetterman has suffered some auditory processing problems as a result of his stroke, and his campaign wants to make sure he is accommodated in any televised debate, which has apparently blocked any firm commitment. But Fetterman made it clear Wednesday that the debate Vol to happen, saying, “We’re definitely going to debate Dr. Oz, and it’s always been our intention to do that.”

The Curse of Car Theft

946. That’s the number of carjackings or attempted carjackings this year in the city, according to the Philadelphia Police Department. Last year, I got through the year with “only” 847.

6ABCs added this interactive map of car fodder hotspots. Police districts worst affected: 22nd, 24th, 25th and lower end of 15th.

Police say most car thefts happen when a person is sitting in their car, parked on the side of the road. Their best advice is not to stay there. Get in your car and leave, and when you get back, park and get out immediately.

And from the sports office…

Proving that football fans will do anything while they sit and wait for the season, Applicant yesterday revealed a thingamabob which leaves audience viewers study past team uniforms and create their own permutations to match the cute cartoon birds.

They also asked major towns for their favorite uniforms, which yielded such fascinating tidbits as Gritty’s choice for the ideal base color (“Purple. It’s dynamic, it’s rich, and everyone looks good in purple”) and the answer to Mayor Kenney on the same question (“No comment.”).

Oh, and our morning emails brought a new NFL fan “poll” from, revealing that Eagles fans are cheap skates as they plan to spend just $36.90 each on food on game days from this season, unlike, say, rabid Miami Dolphins fans, who plan to pay $79.80 each. All together now: Analytics sucks! And we all love wings!

Phils pitcher Bailey Falter’s name has already made it to the top of our list of all-time favorite Philly sports (“He’s slugging! He’s flailing!”), right up there with Dikembe Mutombo, Kimmo Timonen and the late, lamented Didi Gregorius. We also got to admire how the intense humidity (aka rain) from the field last night curled her blonde locks into perfect curls. Freshman center fielder Brandon Marsh wasn’t so lucky; after playing a good ball, John Kruk dryly said to opponent Tom McCarthy, “It’s not all Grizzly Adams.” Marsh’s wet hair and beard made him look even more disheveled than usual. We don’t mind a little mess. Phils win 4-3 – their second straight; it’s good to be home! — but the best thing about the game may have been that dark, ominous sky. — Sandy Hingston

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