Phillies -1.5 (-128) AND / OR Phillies ML and Wheeler O 5.5 Ks

Let’s face it, so-and-so allowed the so-and-so to heat up. The boys are 11-2 in the last 13 games and do it in style. Phils, who just came out of the Garrett Stubbs bombing, will finally play the 23-42 Washington Nationals, a 5-20 record against other NL Eastern teams. If this adaptation is not sweet enough, Zach Wheeler will be on the hill (5-3 with 2.84 ERA) and face Patrick Corbin (3-8 with 6.65 ERA). All signs point to the Phillies’ victory tonight, so their price line is -210. My bet is that the Phillies will beat the Nationals tonight, but I want a better value than -210 ML. I recommend taking either the Phillies run-line -1.5 or the same Zach Wheeler game to score more than 5.5 shots with the Phillies win. Initially -1.5 for the Phillies race, during this 13-game hot series, the Phils won 8 of 11 games with more than one run, while the Nationals lost their last 4 straight games with at least 3 runs. In Patrick Corbin’s last three appearances, he averaged 4.66 runs per appearance, while Wheeler allowed an average of 1 run for his last three appearances.

Now let’s look at Zach Wheeler’s shot. Tonight, his number is 5.5 with a coefficient of -140, which is characteristic for Wheeler. The Washington Nationals don’t do very well as a team, but they are actually one of the best teams in MLB. The national team averages 7.31 shots per game, which is the second best in MLB. Zach Wheeler is said to have hit more than 5.5 shots in 8 straight starts. As long as Wheeler works around Josh Bell (the Phillies killer mentioned), expect Wheeler to work hard in this game and increase those numbers. With the Phillies win, Wheeler’s shots of more than 5.5 give you a +130 coefficient, which is a fantastic value for the red hot team and the pitcher to do what they need to do.

Photo: David J Griffin

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