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The former Phillies general manager and player – himself the son of former player and coach Phils – also shares why he prefers Old City to Bucks County and what he thinks about the playoff team’s chances.

Rubén Amaro Jr.

Ruben Amaro Jr. / Photo by Stevie Chris

I was born at… Jefferson Hospital. We lived in Rhawnhurst before we moved to Bustleton when I was 20, and my mother is still there.

These days, I live in … Old town. I’ve been in Bucks County for years, but my daughter finally convinced me to move here.

I first joined the Phillies … in 1980, from a technical point of view. I was a bat boy. It was phenomenal. The drive behind me to become a player.

My father taught me to respect people and to impose respect, but in a subtle way.

People may not know that they are … 50 percent Ashkenazi Jews, 20 percent sub-Saharan Africans, and the rest Cubans, Spaniards, and Mexicans. I might be the only black Cuban Jewish Jew you know.

When the Phillies won the World Series in 1980 … My dad got a bonus on the World Series and used some of it to buy me my first car, a green Honda Accord high foam.

The most memorable game of my career was … my first start as Phillie. It was the second game of the season in 1992 and I hit a home run – Harry Kalas made the call and actually gave me the audio tape afterwards – and two doubles. The only reason I was in the game was that Lenny Dykstra fractured his hand in the first game.

I met my girlfriend, Lori … in Cleveland more than 30 years ago. We met then, before I got married and divorced twice, and we recently reconnected when she moved to Philadelphia. This is budoir photographer.

When I have a reason to celebrate, you will find me at … Zahav. I know it’s hard to get reservations, but I have an “in”.

My starting salary in baseball was … $ 700 a month, before taxes, if you can believe it.

I would describe my tenure as general manager of the Phillies as … pleasant. Especially.

Now, my connection to the team … is that I’m a broadcaster. It’s nice now that my house is 11 minutes from the stadium. That Bucks shuttle was brutal.

My favorite food at Citizens Bank Park is … chest from Greg “Taurus” Luzinski’s grill there. Shake Shack is a close second.

When a parent tells me that he wants his child to become a baseball star, I say … make sure they are educated, The first and most important. Books, not bats, are a priority.

When I go for water ice, I usually get … the thing that is a combination of mango water ice cream.

For July 4th, I’ll probably be … sitting on or near the Ben Franklin Bridge, watching the fireworks. My new home is right the pod.

The chances of the Phillies reaching the playoffs this year are … about 80 percent. I like talent and I have hope.

My secret talent is that … I can blow bubbles under my tongue. It’s a really weird talent. I just did it now.

If there’s anything I could change about baseball today … I would teach young players how to play again. There is now so much emphasis on maximizing the production and personal success of each player. But I would like to focus more on the game to win. It’s a very old thought, but that’s how I feel.

Philadelphia sports fans are … maybe the only sports fans who think they can actually influences the outcome of a game.

Published as “One of Us: Ruben Amaro Jr.” in the issue of July 2022 para Philadelphia magazine.

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