The Philadelphia 76ers were completely defeated without MVP candidate Joel Embiid. In the second round, he showed the Heat Sixers as the team that entered the game through 2 games. There is part of the blame for the failure of individual players to step up, it is very clear that the Sixers will win the series with the big men.

To be clear, James Harden had to perform better in both games. Harden, who is very popular with the media, disappears in the second half. One of the less entertaining aspects of James Harden is that he has yet to score more than 20 FG attempts in a game like Sixer. He used to score 60 points a week with the Rockets, but now he’s struggling to score even 20. Just harden. VAR to be better. In the second quarter of the second game, Harden almost found a rhythm. He finished the section with 16 points and scored 12 of them in the second quarter. As mentioned earlier, it has since disappeared. This cannot happen whether we have Embiid or not.

Now enough about Harden, let’s talk about where Embiid was abducted. DeAndre Jordan should not be on the NBA team at this point in his career. It’s one thing for him to fall off the bench, but it’s a different level to start every game. Of all the Sixers fleeing, Jordan and the team have been the worst so far. His main job is rebounding, and he didn’t even do it right. He is also incompetent in defense. Defensive rebounds in particular, and defense in general, are two things that Embiid brings to the table at the elite level. Bam Adebayo managed to tear the Sixers’ defense without Joel Embiid. If Joel Embiid had played, the Heat would have been completely ruined in the attack.

For the Sixers, they were absolutely terrified when things went awry. Exceptions were Tobias Harris in Game 1 and Tyrese Maxey in Game 2. The worst of the worst came from Danny Green and Georges Niang. In the first 2 games of the duo, they managed to score only 3 3 points in 24 joint attempts. Most of these shots came in games that changed the pace of the game. No one was able to leave the team behind. Usually, even if he were in that situation, Joel Embiid would be that guy. There is no player in the Heat who can protect him, and this is a guaranteed bucket almost every time down. Everything would have improved in the attack of the Sixers, the best player there.

There is no word on whether the Sixers will win the series if they were Embiid, but it is very likely that this will be the case. The Sixers hope better that Embiid will be brought to a suspicious or active position for Game 3, otherwise they will easily look at the broom.

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