Yes, we are at the point of the offseason.

The Sixers announced plans to leave the Wells Fargo Center and build their own building, 76 Place, on Market Street in Center City Philadelphia.

If all goes according to plan, the Sixers will have a new home in 2031. Even though the move was nearly a decade away, the announcement did not stop the buzz in the city. The announcement came at a slow spot in the city. It’s also in the middle of the week-long MLB all-star break before Eagles training camp starts and obviously during the Flyers and Sixers offseasons. This decision has been criticized for good reason.

With downtown already congested, it will be impossible for anyone to get around on Sixers game days, regardless of the number of fans who come to the game. There’s not nearly enough space to park, and garages are a terrible idea when you’re talking about that many people. Public transport has to run later and earlier, which puts the union in a difficult position. One of the best and most unique aspects of Philadelphia sports is that all four major sports stadiums are within walking distance of each other. The Wells Fargo Center, Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park make South Philadelphia the heartbeat of Philly sports unlike any other sports campus in the country.

If the move goes through, the Sixers would join other NBA teams based in their hometowns, such as the Knicks, Celtics and Wizards. We can only hope they have a plan for how it should work.

Although the Sixers of 2031 may look very different from the Sixers of today, the fans of 2031 are the same fans as today. Fans are angry for good reason, we can only hope the Sixers provide a little more context on how they plan to make this move in the coming months.

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