While the Union’s growth over the last season has not gone unnoticed, many believe there is not enough MVP talk about the team and its best players. The Union faces a unique challenge in the MLS MVP race. I mean, they’re just that good.

First things first. For the first time this MLS season, Union players are finally getting some MVP voting love. Into MLS MVP Power Rankings, the Union has 3 of the first 5 places. I’d say that’s good enough.

Andre Blake and Jose “El Brujo” Martinez are tied for No. 5. Daniel Gazdag is in 3rd place. This MVP ranking list is fair.

However, it took the league 30 weeks of the season to give the Commonwealth boys an MVP performance. The simple reason is that they are very good.

Very Good?

To say that the union is simply “very good” is understandable. However, this is not a cry of overconfidence.

In many MVP awards, the situation goes to the player who takes a good team and makes them great himself. For example, Hany Mukhtar for Nashville this season. Nashville swam in the playoff line in the west a few weeks ago. Since then, Hani Mukhtar has gone nuclear and almost single-handedly pushed for the No. 3 seed in the West. Mukhtar is the favorite for MLS MVP.

There is no player together. They don’t need it. Jim Curtin and Ernst Tanner built the ultimate machine for great players. Andre Blake will be MLS goalkeeper of the year. Either Jack Elliott or Jacob Glesnes will win Defensive Player of the Year. Jose Martinez and Kai Wagner are the best in MLS at their respective positions. Finally, Gazdag, Carranza and Uhre form the best 3-man offense in the league.

The Union is 1 point behind the MLS record for points in a season. They can break the MLS goal difference record. They are the first team to come even close to TRPLING goals for goals conceded. After all, MLS MVP is something they have no shot at.

Everyone Increases

Another big factor is the contribution of every player who may not be recognized as the best player at their position. Ale Bedoya leads the team and gives valuable minutes almost every game. Leon Flach perfectly fills the defense with Jose Martinez. Jack McGlynn was a game changer when his number was called. Cory Burke scores off the bench.

When a team is firing on every cylinder for nearly the entire season, it’s going to be hard for one person to make a name for themselves in the MVP race. This is exactly what happened to Daniel Gazdag and Andre Blake.

They still deserve their recognition

Andre Blake or Daniel Gazdag won’t win MLS MVP. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve recognition.

Andre Blake leads the league in clean sheets. He is the anchor of the best defense in MLS. A defense that could go down as 2nd all-time in goals allowed.

Daniel Gazdag has 22 goals. 18 goals (Union record) and 4 assists. He scored clutch goals and was very consistent in the final shots.

We won’t see a Union player win the MVP award. However, we may see the best MLS team bring home trophies. Having very good players is something you can’t complain about.

Featured Image: Wes Shepherd/PHLSportsNation

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