Rising Juniors just launched Perfect Beach Day NJ in two Jersey Shore cities. And they already have their eyes on expansion.

The perfect beach day, NJ founders Jude Vaughan and Samuel Abella rented knit chairs in Brigantine

Perfect Beach Day NJ founders Jude Vaughan and Samuel Abella at the Jersey Shore

I’ve lost count of the number of day trips I’ve taken to the Jersey Shore with my wife and two kids, who are now 15 and 16. So many great memories. Building sand castles. Riding the waves. I’m waiting for the guy with the ice cream cart to come rolling down the beach. Dodging seagulls while removing the mess from Sack O’ Subs.

Of course, as a parent, there are also the memories of all the work you put in to get there.

You need to make sure you have all the little things you need in your car, from the fridge to the sunbeds to the umbrella to the buckets and shovels. Then, once you’re on your way, you realize you forgot your sunscreen and repellant that doesn’t actually work on those awful flies that bite the Jersey Shore, so you have to stop at CVS on the way. You have to find ice for the cooler. Then you have to park the car and drag all the things to the beach. Then across the sand. And, oh, how about lunch? Finally, as the sun begins to set, you have to do it all over again in reverse.

A visit to the Jersey Shore can be a real headache. That’s exactly the headache two Lower Merion High School juniors aim to fix with their new company, Perfect Beach Day NJ.

perfect beach day nj co-founder samuel abella

Samuel Abella, co-founder of Perfect Beach Day NJ, at work in Brigantine

Sam Abella and Jude Vaughan, both 16, have known each other since first grade. Abella lives in Wynnewood and Vaughan in neighboring Ardmore. Like many families in the Philadelphia area, theirs spent a lot of time at the Jersey Shore during the summers. So I know how hard it can be to set up on the beach, especially if there are kids in the picture.

They had been talking about starting some kind of business together for a while and decided to become beach butlers. After taking a two-week intensive entrepreneurship course at Wharton in June, they launched Perfect Beach Day NJ using a $1,000 loan from their parents. (Vaughan’s father was the COO of Venmo, and Abella’s parents are both doctors at Penn.)

perfect beach day nj shore rental founders

Perfect Beach Day NJ co-founders Samuel Abella (far left) and Jude Vaughan (far right) at Wharton with a fellow participant and professor from their entrepreneurship program

Here’s how it works. You go to them website and select a package online. You can also call, text or email youth to request a reservation.

The standard package is $80 and includes a portable cabana, two Tommy Bahama chairs (my favorite) with cup holders and lots of pockets, an ice cooler, a boogie board, and two beach tags. The deluxe version, which will cost you $120, adds two more chairs and tags, a boogie board, and beach toys, the kind of stuff you need to make sandcastles. You can also go a la carte.

Tell them where you want. And they bring it to you at the selected date and time and set it all up for you. And when you’re done, they take it.

“Going back and forth to the beach can be a real chore,” says Abella. “And it can really take away from the enjoyment of going to the beach. We wanted to start a company that would alleviate all of this and bring people more enjoyment and leisure time.”

“It can be especially hard for people who want to come down just for the day,” adds Vaughan. “If you call us, there’s no hassle or stress for you. We do all the work for you.”

As for the aforementioned lunch and sunscreen, the pair points out that a rental with Perfect Beach Day NJ is completely customizable. Need added sun protection to your package? No problem. Want your hoagie in the fridge when it comes out? They will do that for you.

“I actually just got a request from someone who basically ordered the entire menu at Wawa,” Abella says with a laugh.

Emily Harriet was visiting Brigantine earlier this week with her friend and a total of five children. He happened to find something about the service on a Brigantine Facebook page and called Abella to book a rental.

“We had the best time,” says Harriet. “Getting two moms, five kids and three dogs ready for a day at the beach is hard work. Sam made it very easy. Tell him he needs business cards!”

(Apparently they don’t teach you All at Wharton.)

For now, Perfect Beach Day NJ is only available in Brigantine, where the Abella family has a home, and Long Beach Island, where the Vaughan family spends much of their summer. But even though they started the company less than a month ago, they’re already eyeing expansion.

“All our friends spend their summers at the beach,” notes Vaughan. “So it would be quite easy for other people to start doing this on different beaches. Maybe next year.”

Although both Abella and Vaughan will graduate from Lower Merion High School in just two short years, they say they expect Perfect Beach Day NJ to be around for a while, as both plan to attend a local college — Penn — upon matriculation. For business, of course.

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