The draft came and went, now it’s time to start a free agency.

The Sixers are at a crossroads towards the 2022-2023 season. After years of “process”, they are left with a piece, a lot of question marks around the multi-year MVP candidate Joel Embiid and his entourage. James Harden, who was very hot and cold in the first half of the season in Philadelphia, was acquired during last year’s trade. There’s Tobias Harris, who has a maximum contract that doesn’t live up to their expectations, and there’s Tyrese Maxey, who demonstrates their stellar brilliance but doesn’t show a night-to-day sequence to be fully trusted.

Daryl Morey and Sixers have a front office in many cases they are now the winning team. This can be seen in the rumors about the acquisition of De’Anthony Melton on the night of the project and the future of Matisse Thybulle with the team. Despite their reputation as one of the best defenders in the NBA, the team is tired of waiting patiently for Thybulle to improve his attacking play.

After Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and Thybulle parted ways with a few first-round options to avoid being included in this year’s blockbuster trade for James Harden, the Sixers are reportedly actively shopping for Thybulle.

While Thybulle is very nervous to watch from time to time this past season, a move from 25-year-old Thybulle to bring in a player like Eric Gordon or PJ Tacker will do nothing but hurt the Sixers. The Sixers are reportedly ready to offer 37-year-old Tucker a three-year, $ 30 million contract with a free agency. Combine this reported deal with Tobias Harris ’current contract and James Harden’s extension, and the 2025-2026 76ers will pay a hefty price for it.

Don’t sit here and try to sell the Sixers fan base at PJ Tucker, there must be something missing. Why was Thybulle untouchable at the end of last year, but suddenly gives nothing to the team and should disappear by the beginning of the season?

Does PJ Taker or Eric Gordon make this team better than the team in Thybulle? No answer.

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