The NFL season is very short, and just a few months before the start of Week 1, it’s time to start thinking about the Eagles (if you’ve ever stopped).

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But it might be a little more interesting to think about the opening of the actual season, and it might be more interesting to think about some potential impact players for next season. We will do it.

Ten players who can help the birds fly.

Jalen Hurts

Probably the open choice to start this list, Hurts is already a serious threat on the ground, but the QB has taken some steps to improve the game beyond this season.

Not only does it have several new targets to look for in the lower area,

TJ Edwards

Edwards started a little slow last season and didn’t see that many games in the first half of the year. However, in the home game, Edwards played more than 90% of the defense and went 6-2.

The Eagles made a number of offseason moves in the defensive position, which will probably squeeze the unprepared player a little further off the field, but he adds a great depth level and has proven to affect the scoring line.

DeVonta Smith

Smith had a brilliant teenage walk last season and finished with 916 yards and 5 touchdowns on a team that relied heavily on the QB to run and use his feet before his arm. But Smith has all the means to be a solid receiver, and with a few key offseason additions, he could make a big contribution to the No. 2 role with opposition defenders who want to close AJ Brown.

Haason Reddick

Photo: Tom Rimback / Courier Post

Obviously, when it comes to sacks, it takes a bit of work from D to second to last, and signing Reddick will be a good injection of talent in a hurry to pass.

This edge haste should still be a priority to really improve the field, but it’s a solid start, and if last year’s 11 sacks were on the cards again, Reddick would be a big player.

AJ Brown

This is a really open choice when looking for new signatures. AJ Brown’s move from the Eagles is a move that is now in the spotlight.

Brown, who will take on the role of chief receiver, will certainly be a regular target, but his impact on the field may be more important than his personal performance when it comes to moving his defensive views away from tight ends and DeVonta Smith.

Dallas Goedert

Starting last season, Goedert has been snaps with Zach Ertz, but definitely not the No. 1 TE.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of depth here, but it simply gives Goedert a chance to be really brilliant and have another great year with QB working on the transition game.

Lane Conson

The Eagles have one of the best starting fight pairs with Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata, and we expect Johnson to be a force on the line after being rejected for the Pro Bowl last year. When you’re healthy, it’s hard to find better options to play that role in the NFL.

Jordan Davis

Fletcher Cox, unfortunately, is not the player he once was, but Davis’ new talent may be something the Eagles need to replace him.

In addition, he is also part of the rotation with Javon Hargrave, and will learn from many experienced players around him and become an effective DT.

Miles Sanders

We were a little hesitant to give this place to Sanders, as he could easily have been James Bradberry in the corner back role, which had a greater impact on the Eagles. But running back is crucial to winning games, and when he can stay healthy, Miles Sanders is well behind.

Through the 12 games he played last year, Sanders averaged 5.5 yards per carry, so if he can continue to work with those numbers for the full schedule, the ground game will once again be a key factor in the Eagles’ success.

Howie Roseman has made some great moves this season to get the Birds back into winning form, and there are a number of players on the list who are also available on the pitch.
As long as defensive game decisions are a little better than a logo change, our expectations for this season are higher.

Featured Image: Tom Rimback/Courier Post

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